Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day

I can identify the purpose and details of Presidents' Day.

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Presidents' Day

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Teach your students about our history and some of the country’s greatest leaders. This lesson will introduce students to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and ask students to imagine themselves as presidents.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to explain the importance of the president’s job and describe George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.


Students begin by identifying American symbols including the flag, Lincoln, and a quarter. Next, they will learn about presidents, what they do, and the importance of their role. They will learn that Presidents’ Day is celebrated every year in the month of February and see some of the country’s presidents including Andrew Jackson, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. They will be asked if they can think of any other presidents from our history.


Students learn about George Washington and think about what they would say to him if they could meet him. Next, students will learn about Abraham Lincoln and think of one question to ask him if they could. They will list three facts they learned about Lincoln and circle pictures related to him including the five-dollar bill and books since he loved to read. Students will share ways that they celebrate Presidents’ Day.


Check student understanding with 10 true/false and multiple-choice questions.


Students will reflect on why being the president is an important job. Then they will imagine that they are the president of the United States and write about what they would do as president.

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