Practicing how to save water

Practicing how to save water

I can practice reducing my water use.

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Practicing how to save water

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Water is arguably the most valuable resource on the planet - all of life depends on access to water. That means it’s important for all of us to do our part and not waste water. This activity gives students concrete strategies they can use to reduce their water usage. It also gives them the motivation to encourage others to reduce their water usage.


NGSS: 4-ESS3-2

Learning Objective

Students will be able to practice reducing their water use.


It’s very important to save water. Review the reasons why, and note that 95-99% of the world’s water is unusable for humans because it is saltwater.

Then look at four places where students typically spend a lot of time: the kitchen, the backyard, the bathroom, and at school. What are two ways we use water in these places? What are two ways we could reduce our water usage in these places?


We typically do not stop to think about how heavily we rely on having constant access to fresh water. We must be mindful of our water usage because while there is a limited supply of fresh water, the human population continues to grow. Take this lesson as an opportunity to take concrete steps to lowering water usage.


Review water-saving habits with 4 multiple-choice, 3 true/false, and 3 discussion questions.


Students should reflect:

- How can you encourage your family and friends to save water?
- Why is it important to save water?
- Can you name 3 water-saving habits?

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