Practicing how to save paper

Practicing how to save paper

I can practice reducing my paper use.

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Practicing how to save paper

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Students learn paper saving techniques and practice how to save paper.


NGSS: K-ESS3-3; 4-ESS3-2

Learning objective

Students will be able to reduce paper use.


Review learning from the prior lesson about learning how to save paper. Share important key facts about trees. Challenge students to become paper-saving superheroes.


Review the three "R"s with the students- Reduce, reuse, and recycle. What do they remember from the lesson on paper saving? Look around the classroom and make a lost of all the paper products you can find. How long is your list? Have students drag the images to the trash bin or the recycling bin and decide if they can be recycled or must be trashed. Check your work on the next slide. Discuss with students that their knowledge is important and that one of the important things they can do with their paper-saving knowledge is to share it with others. Give situations in which students can practice teaching and encouraging paper saving habits to their friends and family members. Look at a list of habits and ask students if they believe the habit to be paper-saving or not. Challenge students to change the habits that are not paper saving to be paper saving. Next, ask students to be creative and come up with ways to reuse the items shown.


Students are given multiple choice questions in which key concepts from the lesson are presented. They are then given a set of true/false questions and finish with open questions to discuss as a class.


Close by reminding students that they now have the skills and knowledge to actively reduce their paper use, to become paper-saving superheroes!

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