Practice using sensory details

Practice using sensory details

I can use sensory details in order to enhance the quality of my writing.

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Practice using sensory details

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In this lesson, students will learn how to use sensory details in their writing by reading several examples and non-examples. They will identify the sensory details in the examples and add their own details. They will also rewrite passages with sensory details to show what is happening, instead of just telling.



Learning objective

Students will be able to sensory details in order to enhance the quality and vivacity of their writing.


Discuss prior knowledge, including indirect and direct comparisons with students. Students will read examples of metaphors, such as, "The sun was a blazing ball of fire in the sky," and similes, like, "The sun was like a yellow orb shimmering in the sky." Next, they will match parts of sentences to make similes and metaphors. Discuss why sensory details are important.


Explain that sensory details describe things that appeal to the five senses. Students will read two example passages with sensory details. Next, students will read sentences and identify the five senses to which they appeal. They will then read a passage and highlight the sensory details. They will also include sensory details in a paragraph they write about a picture of a castle. They will rewrite a paragraph about the pool using sensory details.


Students will respond to ten questions in which they are asked to demonstrate understanding of the key elements of the lesson.


Students will review what they learned:
- Why are sensory details important?
- What questions can I ask myself while I'm writing in order to make sure I include sensory details?

Lastly, students will write about a time they traveled somewhere exciting and "paint a picture" using their words.

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