Practice gratitude

Take the time to notice the good things in life!

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Practice gratitude

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Studies show that when you take the time to regularly acknowledge the positive aspects of your life, you may feel happier and more optimistic. Use this activity to help your students practice gratitude. Be sure to remind students that nothing is too small. They can appreciate the seemingly small, everyday things they might sometimes take for granted, like their warm beds and even the sunshine outside!




Click on the number generator to randomly land on a number and have students respond to the corresponding prompt. You may choose to have students write their responses as a journal entry or have them share with the class, a group, or a partner. Revisit this activity every month, every week, or even every day!

Teaching Tips

Help guide students if they begin to fall into negative thinking by first acknowledging their feelings, and then redirecting their thoughts. You can ask them what they learned from a difficult situation or help find a positive perspective.

Use the text tool to modify any of the prompts to better suit your students.

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