Potential energy
Potential energy

Potential energy

I can compare the potential energy in various objects and systems.

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In this lesson, students will explain how potential energy is stored and calculate gravitational potential energy.



Learning objective

Students will be able to compare the potential energy in various objects and systems.


Students will complete a review question about kinetic energy.


Explain that the potential energy of an object is often referred to as stored energy that can be used to do work. Students will look at a scenario of an archer. The archer draws the arrow and bow back to shoot the arrow; as a result, the bow is now storing potential energy. When the archer releases the arrow, the potential energy in the bow is converted into kinetic energy.

Students will complete a few questions about forces with a scenario about a boat. After that, explain gravitational potential energy (GPE) using the boat scenario. Next, students will look at two different scenarios and determine which box has more gravitational potential energy. They will also learn an equation for GPE. GPE = 9.8 × mass × height. Then, they will return to the boat scenario and use the equation to find the boat's gravitational potential energy. They will also answer a question about a pole vaulter's GPE.


Students respond to ten true/false and multiple-choice questions.


Students will recall what they learned and fill out an exit slip.

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