Possessive nouns

Possessive nouns

I can change a noun to a possessive noun.

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In this lesson, students will learn how to form possessive nouns from singular and plural nouns. Particular emphasis is placed on determining where the apostrophe will go.



Learning objective

Students will be able to change a noun to possessive nouns.


Students will help Isaiah uncover the hidden mysteries of the ancient Pyramid of Giz by locating all the nouns. They will also help Alma turn singular nouns into plural nouns.


Students will be introduced to possessive nouns, words that show that a person, place, or thing owns or has a certain thing. They will then learn how to form a possessive noun from a singular noun by adding an apostrophe and the letter "s." Students will practice turning singular nouns into possessive nouns, such as "Mira" into "Mira's." They will then go over the rules to form possessive nouns from plural nouns. They will practice this (e.g., "The Garcias" into "The Garcias'"). They will then practice forming these two different types of possessive nouns as a class. They'll help the Clark family move by putting the properly formed possessive nouns into their moving boxes.


Students will review how to form possessive nouns from singular and plural nouns. These exercises emphasize knowledge of where the apostrophe goes.


Students will recall why possessive nouns are needed and how to tell if a possessive noun is singular or plural. They will work in groups to discuss five objects they see in the room. Each student will write one sentence, while the group checks it.

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