Positional words in the classroom
Positional words in the classroom

Positional words in the classroom

I can describe the position of objects in my classroom.

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In this lesson, students will use positional words to describe the positions of objects in the classroom and school.

Learning objective

Students will be able to describe the position of objects in my classroom using positional words like above, below, front, behind, left, and right.


Students will review the concept of location. Then they will be introduced to the concept of using positional words to describe location. Students will learn about the importance of using words to describe position.


Students will learn about positional words, like front, back, below, above, near, next to, under, left, right, etc. The teacher will model using this vocabulary to describe object position. To check understanding, students will practice using positional words in conversations to describe where objects in their classroom are located (i.e., the bookshelf is near the teacher’s desk).


Review positional words with 10 fill-in-the-blank questions.


Students will take a walking tour of their school and practice using positional vocabulary while locating items they see or their teacher directs them to locate.

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