I can explain how pollution impacts the Earth.

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Students learn about land, water, and air pollution and the effects they have on the Earth. They will also be able to come up with possible solutions to alleviate the effects of pollution and explore an interactive map to observe the quality of air around the world.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to explain how pollution occurs, describe its effects, and list possible solutions.


Have students observe the two pictures. Which one depicts a negative impact on the world? Why? What do they see? Introduce the topic of pollution, then watch the video and discuss it.


Begin by describing air, water, and land pollution. Next, explain the serious effects of pollution like serious health problems and contamination of our environment. Then discuss what people can do to help alleviate the effects of pollution. For example, people can reuse items and conserve energy in their homes. Have students read the statements and decide if it describes a cause, impact, or solution for pollution. Click on the covers to reveal the answers. After this, split the class up into groups and assign each group a different solution. Have them participate in a debate in which they argue about which solution is the most effective. You might have students do some research for this activity. Finally, spin the wheel and explain one of the causes, impacts, or solutions for pollution.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice, fill-in, and true or false questions.


Click on the link to be taken to the website where students can explore an interactive map. Here, they can see the air quality of different places around the world. Go through the questions with the class.

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