Place value- numbers to 20
Place value- numbers to 20

Place value- numbers to 20

Place value- numbers to 20

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Students learn place value of numbers to 20. They learn that the numbers 11-20 are made of tens and ones.

Common core standard(s)



Discuss with students that it is important to know how place value works so they can do calculations later with larger numbers.


The interactive whiteboard has a row of balloons with numbers. Ask students which numbers are missing in the sequence. Repeat this with the row of numbered lamps. The students write down the missing numbers and then tell you which numbers to write in the spaces.


Using MAB blocks explain what tens and ones are. Show that the numbers 11-20 are made of tens and ones. This is called learning place value of a number. Using the blocks, show what tens are, and ones, and what they make together. Do this to fill in the missing numbers.

Check that students understand how to use place value to build numbers to 20 by asking the following questions:
- What are tens? How do you know?
- What are ones? How do you know?
- Which tens and ones are in the given number?

Guided Practice

Students first practice combining two numbers with visual support and then do this in the abstract (without support). With the third exercise they fill in the ones, when the tens and total number are given.


Check that students understand which tens and ones are needed to create numbers to 20, and how to combine two numbers. Ask students why it is important to be able to do this.

Teaching Tip

Make sure to emphasize that ten blocks are one tens. The ones are all the loose blocks that come before a tens is made.

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