Perfect verb tenses

Perfect verb tenses

I can form and use the perfect verb tenses.

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Perfect verb tenses

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In this lesson, students will learn about the three perfect verb tenses: past perfect, present perfect, and future perfect. They will identify these verb tenses in sentences, as well as use them in their writing.



Learning objective

Students will be able to form and use the perfect verb tenses.


Students will sort words, like "knocked" and "drawing," by their verb tense, including past and present. Discuss past perfect, present perfect, and future perfect tenses. Students will read a description and an example accompanied by an image for each perfect verb tense. Explain why it is important to know how to form and use perfect verb tenses.


Students will read sentences, such as, "Jake and Josh have played on the seesaw for twenty minutes," and determine the verb tense for each sentence. Next, students will read sentences and underline the signal words that help them identify the correct tense. They will also complete sentences with perfect verb tenses. They will also work with a partner to write perfect tense sentences (one of each type).


Students will answer ten questions to review perfect verb tenses.


Students will recall what they learned about perfect verb tenses by answering these questions:
- What are the three perfect verb tenses?
- Which helping words are used to form each perfect verb tense?

Students will write sentences using perfect verb tenses about a trip they have taken or would like to take. Lastly, students will spin the wheel to determine which verb tense they need to write for the words, "jogged," "yelled," and "danced."

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