Pearl Harbor (3-5)

Pearl Harbor (3-5)

I can recount details about the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Pearl Harbor (3-5)

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In this lesson, students get an overview of the attack on Pearl Harbor and learn what led up to the event. Students will analyze FDR's speech and his words following the attack. In the end, students interview their classmates and reflect on what they've learned.

Learning objective

Students will be able to recount details about the attack on Pearl Harbor.


Begin by locating Hawaii on a map and going over its location. Find Pearl Harbor on the map and go over the events of World War II in the year 1941.


Explain why Japan decided to attack the United States during this time. Describe the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the devastating effects. Show students the USS Arizona Memorial then describe President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s response. Students will then analyze Roosevelt’s words proclaiming December 7, 1941 as a “date which will live in infamy.” Have them use context to determine the meaning of the word “infamy.” Next, watch FDR’s speech and ask students some follow up questions.


Students respond to 7 multiple-choice questions.


Students fill out a graphic organizer recalling the “Who? What? When? When? How? and Why?” of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Finally, they will pretend to be reporters and interview three classmates, asking them engaging questions.

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