Parts of a plant

Parts of a plant

I can identify and describe the parts of a plant.

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Parts of a plant

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Students learn about the different parts of a plant and their functions: Seeds, roots, stem, leaves, and flower. Throughout the lesson, students will label, sort the different parts, and match the parts to the description of their function.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to label the parts of a plant and explain their functions.


Students look at pictures of several plants and are asked what they all have in common. Explain that plants provide us with food and oxygen. Engage in a discussion about students’ favorite fruits or vegetables.


Explain that plants are living organisms that cover lots of land on Earth. Ask students where they have seen plants. What kinds of plants were they? Share some examples of plants with the class. Next, show students the parts of a plant which include the seeds, flowers, leaves, stem, and roots. Describe the function of each of these parts, then have students sort the parts of a plant into the correct boxes. After this, have students drag the correct part of the plant to label each part of the flower. Finally, draw a line to match the plant part to the description of its function.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions. They will be shown pictures of plants and plant parts and they will have to identify them. Students will also respond to questions about the function of each plant part.


Students will draw a picture of a flower and label each of the parts. You may choose to grow a class plant or have each student plant their own or work in groups/pairs.

Instruction materials

For the closing activity, you will need seeds (like bean seeds), potting soil, plant pots (or 9-ounce cups). Make sure the plants get sunlight and water regularly.

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