Parts of a book

Parts of a book

I can identify and name parts of books.

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In this lesson, students will learn about the different parts of books, including the cover, pages, and pictures. They will also discuss components, like the title, author, and illustrator. They will complete short activities identifying these parts and putting the parts of books together.



Learning objective

Students will be able to identify and name parts of books.


Students will discuss where they could find the title, author, cover, pages, and pictures in one place: a book!


Show the front cover of a book and talk about the components: title, picture, author, and illustrator. Students will also talk about the spine and title page of the book. They will also look at the inside pages, including the beginning, middle, and end.

Then, they will label the parts of a book. They will also drag items to complete the front cover of a book. They will compare and contrast the roles of the author and illustrator.


Students will review the parts of a book with 10 questions.


Students will recall what they learned in this lesson and play a spin the wheel game that practices identifying the parts of a book cover.

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