I can properly paraphrase information and text.

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In this lesson, students will learn how to avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing. They will learn the rules of paraphrasing and mnemonics to help them. They will practice paraphrasing various texts, include short story passages and excerpts from articles.



Learning objective

Students will be able to properly paraphrase information and text.


The lesson will open by asking students if they would ever take someone's money or bike. It will relate those actions with plagiarism, stealing someone's words or ideas without giving credit. This is a form of cheating.


To avoid plagiarism, students can paraphrase information instead of copying it. They will read a sentence and look at an example of a bad paraphrase and an example of a better paraphrase. They then read two sentences and think of a way to paraphrase them. Next, they will watch a video about paraphrasing. They will also learn a mnemonic for PARAphrasing: "Put the text in your own words," "Avoid copying the text," "Rearrange similar text," and "Ask yourself if you included all the important points."

When paraphrasing students should plan what they want to include in their writing by asking themselves what was important or interesting to them. They can also use the 4 R's of Paraphrasing: Reword, Rearrange, Realize, and Recheck. They will look at a text about tornadoes and try their best to paraphrase it. Then, they will discuss their answers with the class. For more practice, students will paraphrase cite information for an excerpt from an article about youth sports. They will practice paraphrasing another article and share with the class.


Review the mnemonics from this lesson and the rules of paraphrasing.


Have students recall the purpose of paraphrasing. Lastly, in pairs, students will use the spinner and paraphrase short paragraphs.

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