I can explain how and why overfishing impacts the Earth.

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Students learn about overfishing and how it can impact the ocean ecosystem. They will also be able to come up with possible solutions to overfishing.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to explain overfishing, describe the effects of it, and list possible solutions.


Have students discuss the kind of fish they like to eat (if any). How do they think they get access to that fish? Introduce the idea of overfishing and explain that it can lead to a disruption in the ocean’s delicate food chain, severely impacting the environment. After this, watch the video and discuss what was observed.


Explain why overfishing occurs and that many people rely on fish for food and jobs. Then go through why we should care about overfishing. For example, overfishing can lead to over or underpopulation of a species. Also, jobs will be lost as more and more fish are eradicated. Which impact of overfishing do students think is the most important? After this, provide some possible solutions to overfishing, like government regulation and responsible farming. Have students read the statements and decide if it is describing a reason, impact, or solution for overfishing. Next, click on the link to be taken to a website where students can read more information about overfishing and learn more about specific species and places that are impacted. You can choose to have students work in groups or pairs. Then have them share at least 3 interesting facts they learned. Finally, participate in a class debate about which solution they think is most important.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true or false questions.


Have students drag certain fish in and out of the water, then respond to the questions.

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