Order of adjectives

Order of adjectives

I can write adjectives in the correct order in a sentence.

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Order of adjectives

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Adjectives help make our language more descriptive and vivid. Many times, we will describe a noun with multiple adjectives to paint a complete picture. But what order should these adjectives be written in? We often order adjectives unconsciously, but there is a defined way they should be ordered:

- Number
- Opinion
- Size
- Age
- Shape
- Color
- Origin
- Material
- Purpose

Luckily English speakers do not typically describe nouns with nine consecutive adjectives. But if you were going to, this is how they should be structured.

Very few people will have this entire list memorized. What are strategies we can use to correctly sequence adjectives of these nine different classes?

Common core standard(s)


Learning Objective

This lesson will teach students to write adjectives in the correct order.

Teaching tips

Try flipping around the order of adjectives to test whether it sounds correct. Oftentimes, flipping the order of adjectives will simply not sound correct. Encourage students to say the adjectives out loud to see what their ear tells them.

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