One-to-one letter-sound correspondences

One-to-one letter-sound correspondences

I can say the sound of each consonant to help me read words.

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One-to-one letter-sound correspondences

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In this lesson, students will learn the letter sounds of each consonant.



Learning objective

Students will be able to say the sound of each consonant to help me read words.


Students will look at the five vowels and say the letter name and sound for each vowel. Knowing all the letter sounds will help students read words.


Students will watch a Jack Hartmann video and sing along to learn the letter sounds. Students will look at the letter names and sounds in the word "kid." They will also listen to a letter sound and find the corresponding letter. They will then search for letters (using the Spotlight tool) and say the letter sounds as they find them. They will look at different letters (using the Letter Generator tool) and say the letter sound for each letter. Students will complete the "-at word family" by dragging consonants before "at" (such as "bat). They will also drag a picture of the word they made. Another activity they will do is blend phonemes in CVC words ("dad," "pup," "sit," "ten") while touching the dots under each letter. They will do a similar activity blending phonemes and dragging the corresponding pictures.


Students are given ten questions to practice consonant sounds by looking at images and choosing the letter it begins with. They will also match words to pictures.


Students will recall what they learned about consonants and consonant sounds. They will then play a Spin the Wheel game. They will spin the wheel to get a question. Questions will include: read the CVC word; name the sounds for a consonant list; given a picture, spell the CVC word; given a picture and CV_, fill in the final consonant.

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