Olympic Games

Learn about the Ancient Greek Olympic Games.

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Olympic Games

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In this special edition of Photo of the Day, students learn more about the origin of the Olympic games in Olympia (Greece) using photos, text and exercises..

The lesson has been built in the format of photo, text, exercise. By taking a look at the photo first, you activate their interest, then you read the text together. Discuss the words in bold and check that they can explain or define the words. Then students are given an exercise that relates to the text. There are math exercises, energisers, and vocabulary exercises.

The last page has extras. In particular a selection of video resources that either give a visual impression of the materials, or offer more information on the given material.

You can teach this lesson as a whole, or choose to just select a portion of the lesson to use with your students.


- View the lesson on fullscreen to get the full effect of the photos. You can easily toggle fullscreen by using the 'F' shortcut key or by clicking the '...' button in the menu bar.
- When you take a look at Olympia on Google Earth, challenge your students to find/recognize buildings from a birds-eye view. You can zoom in on the running track.

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