Observations to describe weather patterns

Observations to describe weather patterns

I can observe and describe weather patterns.

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Observations to describe weather patterns

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In this lesson, students will identify different weather features including precipitation, wind, and temperature. Students will be shown some common tools used to observe weather. They will be shown different types of weather activities and clothes and asked when they would choose to do and wear these things. Students will have the opportunity to describe and observe the weather using their five senses. They will be shown weather reports and asked to read and predict the weather.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to describe how the weather changes daily.


Students take a look outside and describe what they see. Discuss the weather for the day and take a note of the day’s weather by dragging the correct box and writing on the lines. Explain what weather is and share some weather words with the class using the wheel. Have students look at the pictures and describe what they see.


Explain what weather patterns are and review the four seasons. Ask students to share some weather words for each season. Go over the summer season and weather like “cool nights,” “dry weather,” and “humid.” Next, describe the weather in the winter and go over words like “sleet” and “blizzards.” Do the same for the spring and the fall. Show students some weather instruments including thermometers, barometers, and wind vanes. Tell students that they will be meteorologists for the day. Have them fill out the weather report for the day. There is also a printable worksheet for this activity. Have students observe the weekly weather report and make predictions.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice questions and make observations about weather patterns.


Students complete the pattern by dragging the correct image to the box.

Instruction materials

There is a printable version of the weather report.

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