Number Bond Charts

Number Bond Charts

Learn how to decompose numbers and create number bonds with practical charts.

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Number Bond Charts

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Use these templates to teach number decomposition and number bonds.

Common core standards



The number decomposition chart can be used to teach multiple ways a number can be decomposed. Write the whole number (e.g. 10) in the box on top and make the possible decompositions (e.g. 4 and 6) in pairs on both sides of the line below. You can also fill it out partially and let students complete the gaps.

The number bond chart can be used to teach number bonds. Write the whole number (e.g. 8) in the big circle on top and write a pair of matching parts (e.g. 3 and 5) in the smaller circles below. You can also leave one or two circles empty and let the students complete the chart.

Teaching tips

Copy a page to your own lesson or search for "number bond chart" in the image library to add these charts and enrich your own lessons.

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