New Year Reflections & Resolutions

New Year Reflections & Resolutions

A fun way to celebrate the new year with your class!

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New Year Reflections & Resolutions

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Celebrate the new year with this presentation which gives students the opportunity to reflect on the past year and create personal goals for the upcoming year.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to create goals for themselves and reflect on the previous year.


The presentation begins with an exciting video of fireworks. Have a New Year countdown, and give your students the experience of fireworks right in the classroom.


Students will spin the wheel to reflect on the past year. They will respond to prompts like, "What is one day from this past year that you would like to experience again?" "Name one thing you did last year that you are proud of" and "Name five words that best describe the last year." Students can engage in an open discussion about these topics or write a response in a journal entry.


The presentation ends with an activity for students to plan for the new year. They are asked, "What will I try to do differently this year?" Students will then think about how they can better themselves at home and in school. They will also create one big goal for themselves and think of what they can do for someone else in the new year. Finally, the presentation concludes with a "Happy New Year!" display.

Teaching tips

When watching the fireworks, have your students observe the different colors and designs they see. Explain that fireworks can have different shapes and ways of exploding. Discuss, "Why do you think people have enjoyed watching fireworks for hundreds of years?" If you'd like, play the video without sound and have students use it as inspiration to draw a picture of their own fireworks display!

Instruction materials

A printable is included in this presentation. Students can use it to write what they would like to do differently in the new year and create goals for themselves.

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