Neighbor numbers to 20
Neighbor numbers to 20

Neighbor numbers to 20

Neighbor numbers to 20

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Students learn about neighbor numbers and are able to determine the neighbor numbers of numbers to 10.




Hand out number cards to 20 among the students. Ask students to stand in numerical order, starting with 1. When everyone is standing in order, ask the class as a whole to say the numbers from 1 to 20 out loud. Then take the number cards and show a number on the board (from 1 to 9). Ask students which number comes before this number, and have them hold up the correct number card. Then ask which number comes after, and have them hold up the card. Practice with different numbers. Ask the question to the class, and then select a student to answer.


Explain that neighbor numbers are the numbers that come one before and one after a given number. Using the houses, explain the term neighbors. Explain how to find neighbor numbers by counting one back and one more. Ask students to tell the neighbor numbers of four different numbers. Erase the grey boxes to show the answer.

Check that students understand neighbor numbers to 20 by asking the following questions:
- What is a neighbor number?
- How do you find a neighbor number?
- Do all numbers have a neighbor number?


Students first practice finding neighbor numbers by selecting the correct number from multiple choice options. Then students are asked to determine the numbers on their own.


Check that students know that neighbor numbers are the numbers before and after a given number on the number line. Emphasize that it is useful to know them so you can tell the order of numbers. Check if students can determine the neighbor numbers of a given number by using a story. Make sure they count one back and one more.

Teaching Tips

Students who have difficulty with neighbor numbers will likely also have difficulty with counting to 20. Have them practice counting forwards and backwards, and possibly use a number line to help their progress. Students who need more challenge can be encouraged to practice neighbor numbers to 50.

Instruction materials

Number cards 1-20.

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