Neighbor numbers to 100

Neighbor numbers to 100

I can find the neighbor numbers to 100.

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Neighbor numbers to 100

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Students learn to find the neighbor numbers of numbers to 100.

Common core standard(s)



Being able to find the neighbor numbers of numbers to 100 helps to determine the order of numbers and will help with calculations in the future.


Have students form pairs and then give each pair a number. Have them count to 100 by turns. Then in same (or different) pairs, give students a new number and ask them to count by turns back to 0.


Remind students that neighbor numbers are the neighbors of a given number. They are the numbers one before and one after a number on the number line. One neighbor is one more than the given number, while the other is one less. Walk through the steps of determining neighbor numbers with the students. Step 1 is to start at the given number and count one back. Step 2 is to start at the number again and count one more. Step 3 is to say the three numbers in order. Practice by asking students what the steps are to finding their neighbor numbers. Ask students to come up with some examples of neighbor numbers, and to determine the neighbor numbers of the given numbers.

Guided practice

Students are asked to select the neighbor numbers of the given numbers from the multiple choice options, to write in the neighbor numbers of a given number, or to drag the neighbor numbers.


Ask students to walk through the steps of determining the neighbor number of the given number on the interactive whiteboard. Then ask students if they can come up with different situations in which it is useful to know the neighbor numbers. To close the lesson give the students a number card. Then say a number. If students have the previous number they must stand up. If they have the next number, they must sit down.

Teaching tips

Students who have difficulty with this learning goal can be supported by making use of a number line.

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