Neighbor numbers to 10

Neighbor numbers to 10

Neighbor numbers to 10

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Neighbor numbers to 10

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Students learn what neighbor numbers are and can determine what the neighbor numbers of the number 1-9 are by counting one more and one back.

Common core standard(s)



Discuss with students that it is important to know the neighbor numbers of a given number, so you know which amounts are close to the given number. You also then know whose turn it is if you are going by number.


Ask students where they live and what kind of house they live in. What do you call the people who live next door? See if students come up with the term neighbor, otherwise make sure to mention the term. Ask students to draw their neighbors house on a post-it.


Explain the term neighbor numbers to the students. Explain that they are necessary if you want to know one more or one back from a number, like if you are waiting in line. Use the houses to show that the numbers are neighbors. Explain how you can find neighbor numbers by counting one more, or counting one back. Ask students for the neighbor numbers of 4 and 7. Drag the neighbor numbers to the correct boxes.

Check that students understand neighbor numbers to 10 by asking the following questions:
- What is a neighbor number?
- How do you find a neighbor number?
- Do all numbers have a neighbor number?

Guided Practice

Students first practice with exercises that ask for one neighbor number, forward or backwards. Next they practice with numbers where both neighbor numbers are asked.


Check that students can explain the term neighbor numbers. Tell the students that the neighbor numbers are the numbers before and after a given number on the number line. Emphasize that it is useful to know neighbor numbers so you know which comes next and which came before. Check that students can find neighbor numbers by counting one more or one back.

Teaching Tip

Students who have difficulty finding neighbor numbers likely have some difficulty with the number line to 10. Have them practice counting forwards and bakwards to 10, or have them use a number line to 10 to practice. Students who need more challenge can be encouraged to work with neighbor numbers to 20.

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