Narrator/characters in a story

Narrator/characters in a story

I can explain the role of a narrator and how he or she differs from the author.

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Narrator/characters in a story

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In this lesson, students learn how to determine who the narrator is in a story. They will be able to identify when the narrator is also a character in the story and when he is not. They will also discuss the role of the author. Students will use this knowledge to be able to write their own narrative pieces in which they establish their narrator and characters.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to identify the narrator, author, and characters, and determine if the narrator is also a character in a story.


As a class, read a short excerpt from “A Dog’s Tale” and ask students if they can tell who is telling the story. How do they know? Have them underline the clues in the text that show that the narrator is a dog.


Explain the role of the narrator, the author, and the characters. The author writes the story, the narrator tells the story, and the characters act it out. Next, students will read the passages and identify who the narrator is. After this, tell students that the narrator is sometimes also a character in the story, participating in the action and interacting with the other characters. Use the spinner to land on an action, then have students orally share a quick story in which the narrator does that activity with another character. Then read an excerpt from “The Box-Car Children” by Gertrude Warner and identify the narrator’s role in the story.


Students are given 10 questions to review key concepts taught during the lesson.


Students will write 2 story introductions. In one of them, the narrator will not be a character in the story. In the other, the narrator should also be a character.

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