Multiple meaning words (orange, fly, duck, park)
Multiple meaning words (orange, fly, duck, park)

Multiple meaning words (orange, fly, duck, park)

I can tell the meaning of multiple-meaning words.

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In this lesson, students will learn the multiple meanings of the words, "orange," "fly," "duck," and "park."



Learning objective

Students will be able to tell the meaning of multiple-meaning words.


Students will sort animals that fly or swim, including fish and owls. Discuss what it means for a word to have multiple meanings, like "orange."


Students will look at the different meanings for the words, "duck," "fly," and "park." Have students guess the second meaning.

Students will look at groups of pictures and circle two that have the same meaning. Next, they will drag two definitions to each word ("orange," "fly," "duck," "park"). They will then spin the wheel to decide which word to use in a sentence.


Students will respond to six questions, including multiple-choice and drag-and-drop.


Students will recall:
- What are the multiple meaning words we learned today?
- Why is it important to know multiple meaning words?

Lastly, students will listen to a definition for each of the four words and identify the corresponding words.

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