Morning Routine: Greetings

Morning Routine: Greetings

Students choose a personalized greeting for the day.

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Morning Routine: Greetings

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For Morning Greetings, have students pick the way they’d like to be greeted. Remove the cover to select different ways in which your students can choose to start the day. These include distance-friendly greetings like two thumbs up, dancing, and winking!


An exciting way to start the day in a positive way! Students can select how they want to be greeted or how they would like to greet one another. Feel free to make any necessary modifications to the presentation to meet your specific needs and save it as your own lesson. To find more greeting options, remove the cover on the right side of the screen.

There are two printable worksheets included:
- Our original greetings
- Our new distance friendly greetings

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