Months of the year

Months of the year

I can say the months of the year in order.

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Months of the year

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Students will learn the months of the year in order. They will learn that there are 12 months. They will learn which seasons and holidays the months are associated with.



Learning objective

Students will be able to say the months of the year in order.


Students will be shown some pictures that depict months of the year. They will discuss what months they think the pictures represent.


Students begin by learning that there are 12 months in a year. They are shown that splitting the months into groups of 4 helps you to remember them. They are able to listen to the names of the months as they are encouraged to practice the sets. Following this, the students say all of the months in order. Again, they are able to self-correct by listening to the months. Further practice is provided with a sing-along to “Three Blind Mice” and a YouTube video. Using a drag and drop, students unscramble the months to put them in order. Students then practice telling months using the terms before and after. They are given instruction on the holidays and seasons commonly associated with certain months.


Students respond to ten multiple-choice and true/false questions.


Students will color a picture that shares something about their birthday month.

Instruction materials

Students will need paper and something to color with for their birthday picture.

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