Mixtures and solutions

Mixtures and solutions

I can identify different types of mixtures and explain how they are separated.

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Mixtures and solutions

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In this lesson, students are introduced to the properties of mixtures and solutions. They will compare the two and participate in a lab that demonstrates these properties. Students also learn how mixtures and solutions can be separated back into their original forms.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to compare and contrast mixtures and solutions and explain how they can be separated.


Have students sort the candy pieces into the appropriate boxes. Introduce mixtures and solutions and explain their properties. Tell students that they have probably encountered different types of mixtures and solutions in their everyday lives.


Begin with a lab. Combine popcorn, peanuts, and m&ms into a bowl and then pour salt into a cup of water. What do students observe? Which is a mixture and which is a solution? Explain. After this, present several different images and have students decide if these are mixtures or solutions. Next, explain how items can be separated in a mixture or solution. Tell students that mixtures are easier to separate than solutions. You can use your hands, filters, and even magnets to separate mixtures. Solutions are a little more difficult to separate and can be dissolved through a process called “evaporation.” Provide some examples.


Check student understanding with ten multiple-choice questions. They will determine if an item is a mixture or a solution and answer questions about the separation of mixtures and solutions.


To conclude, have students work with a partner. Set the timer and have students list as many examples of both mixtures and solutions as they can.

Instruction materials

You will need popcorn, peanuts, m&ms, salt, and water for the lab. You will also need a bowl and a glass/cup.

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