Mental math to multiply numbers that are multiples of 10
Mental math to multiply numbers that are multiples of 10

Mental math to multiply numbers that are multiples of 10

I can multiply numbers that are multiples of ten using mental math.

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In this lesson, students use mental math to quickly solve equations with multiples of ten like 40 x 80. First, they will solve the basic fact, then they will count the zeros and write them in after the answer to the basic fact.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to identify basic facts and use them to quickly multiply numbers that are multiples of 10.


The lesson begins with a review of mental math multiplication facts. Students will try to beat a timer to answer several basic facts before reviewing the multiples of ten.


Students learn how to multiply numbers that are multiples of ten by first finding and solving the basic fact and then counting and adding the zeros. Students will practice this skill by identifying basic facts, answering questions in two steps, and dragging the basic fact then answering equations. Students will also have the opportunity to practice with larger numbers as well as word problems.


Students respond to true/false and multiple-choice questions as well as a fill-in response.


The lesson concludes with a true/false game in which students work in teams to decide if a question and answer is correct or incorrect. If they choose correctly, they score points for the team. Bonus points are earned for correcting an incorrect answer.

Teaching tips

Students may have trouble with basic facts that have a zero in the answer, like 4x5=20. The lesson reminds them to write the answer to the basic fact first, then count the zeros.

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