Math & Movement: Sums up to 20

Math & Movement: Sums up to 20

Jog in place and say the correct answer.

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Math & Movement: Sums up to 20

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Get your students moving with this fun activity! Students jog in place and solve math problems as they flash on the screen. When the surprise images appear on the screen, they will stop to perform various actions like jumping, bending, and doing a fun dance!



Learning objective

Students will be able to add to 20 using mental strategies.


First, go over the rules with your students. Explain what actions they should take when the images appear. If they see a tornado, they should spin. If they see a frog, they should jump. If they see the dancing Gynzy robot, Virko, they should do a funny dance!

Next, choose an exercise. There are a total of 12 exercises to choose from. You can choose between two and three-second intervals. This means that the math problem will appear on the screen for either 2 or 3 seconds. Finally, play the video and have fun!

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