Match legend symbols to map features
Match legend symbols to map features

Match legend symbols to map features

I can match legend symbols to map features.

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In this lesson, students will interpret symbols on maps and use symbols when mapping places, like the kitchen and bedroom.

Learning objective

Students will be able to match legend symbols to map features.


Students will review the parts of a map. Then they will focus on the map legend and its importance.


Students will be introduced to various symbols on a map’s legend and see how to locate them on the map itself. They will be shown various maps and legends to practice this skill of matching each symbol to the features on the map. Examples include a map of a forest, beach, and a town. To check for understanding, students will design maps according to given symbols in a map’s legend.


Review lesson concepts with 4 multiple-choice and 6 open-ended questions.


Students will spin a wheel and draw a symbol that corresponds to the word they get.

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