Match 3 different seeds to adult plants

Match 3 different seeds to adult plants

I can match at least three different seeds to adult plants.

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Match 3 different seeds to adult plants

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In this lesson, students will learn to identify different types of seeds and the adult plants they grow into. Students will analyze videos and make observations about different seeds that grow into adult plants.



Learning objective

Students will be able to match at least three different seeds to adult plants


Students will discuss the following question: What do plants need to grow? They will review the necessary components for plant survival. Then, they will look at images of adult plants and discuss where they think the plants come from.


The lesson will explain that a seed can be thought of as a baby plant. If it has water, sunlight, and soil, a seed can grow into a tree, flower, fruit, or vegetable. Students will learn that a seed grows roots, sprouts, and then breaks through the soil and grows into a plant. Then, they will watch a video of a sunflower seed growing into a plant and share their observations. Using their prior knowledge, students will try to identify apple, sunflower, and dandelion seeds and match the seeds with the adult plants. Students will watch another video and observe how acorns grow into oak trees. They will view a few more examples and try to match the seed with the adult plant. Students will be given the opportunity to brainstorm other examples of seeds that turn into plants.


Students will respond to 10 questions including 6 true/false and 4 multiple-choice.


Students will choose a seed they’ve learned about and draw a picture of the matching adult plant.

Teaching tips

Create a flipbook that includes pictures and names of seeds and adult plants for students to review. Include images of the matching seed and adult plant on anchor charts and display them in the classroom for future reference. Bring in seeds to grow as a class and take observations as it grows.

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