Map the classroom

Map the classroom

I can draw maps to represent my classroom.

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Map the classroom

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In this lesson, students will learn how to make a map using a familiar place: their classroom. They will be introduced to mapping concepts, like aerial view and labeling objects. The lesson will walk students through the process so they can map out their classroom gradually.



Learning objective

Students will be able to draw a map of their classroom using the aerial view.


Students will take part in an activity where they will walk to the North and South walls of the classroom to answer questions. This is a fun way to introduce geography in the “real-world” and will increase their awareness of geographic directions. Students will also review left and right directions.


Students will be introduced to maps as representations of places. They will see different types of maps and talk about the different places they can map. Then, they will be introduced to the aerial view to make maps. Students can come up to the board and draw objects in the classroom from an aerial view. Students will also learn how to label objects on a map.


As a class, students will first draw and label objects they see at the front of the classroom. Then, they will draw the middle of the classroom. After that, students will work with a partner or a small group to finish the rest of the map of the classroom.


After students are finished with their maps, they will have a whole-class discussion about their experiences. Finally, students will participate in an optional extension activity where they look for hidden objects around the classroom using a “treasure” map. Teachers will hide the objects and prepare maps for their students.

Teaching tips

This lesson can be a good introduction to mapping. Encourage students to think about how they get places and how they would map out other things, such as the whole school or their route to get to school.

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