Man-made objects obtained from natural resources

Man-made objects obtained from natural resources

I can identify man-made objects we get from natural resources.

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Man-made objects obtained from natural resources

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In this lesson, students will refresh their understanding of what natural resources are. They will be shown how man-made resources are derived from natural resources. Examples of different natural resources and what we get from them will be shown.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to explain how everyday objects are obtained from natural resources like trees, animals, and plants.


The begin, have students review the difference between a natural and a man-made resource. Remind students that natural resources exist naturally and come from the earth like air, water, and soil, whereas man-made resources are created by people and do not occur naturally, like electronics, paper, and buildings. Have students drag to identify natural and man-made resources.


Explain that natural resources are used to create many man-made objects. For example, clothing can come from animals and wood to make furniture comes from trees. Explain how a tree is cut to obtain wood for making furniture, then have students drag pictures in the correct order to show how a wooden spoon is made from a tree. After this, students learn that many other items come from trees like paper, baseball bats, and pencils. Discuss students’ favorite items that come from trees and why trees are so important. Next, explain that fruits and vegetables can be made into dishes like cakes, pies, and soups, as well as items like shampoos and medicines. Finally, explain how animals help us obtain the materials needed for clothes like wool sweaters and leather jackets. Students have to identify the natural resources used to make wood and wool and think of a man-made object that comes from each.


Students respond to ten true or false and multiple-choice questions. Students look at pictures of different items and decide which items we can get from trees, wood, animals, fruits, and vegetables.


To conclude, students review what they learned and brainstorm some objects that come from natural resources.

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