Making inferences

I can draw inferences from text examples.

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Making inferences

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Inferences help us understand things that are not explicitly stated in the text we are reading. Our two primary tools for making inferences are a) drawing on our prior knowledge and b) analyzing context clues provided in the story. In this lesson, students read short text passages and draw inferences using these skills.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to use clues in a text to make inferences.


Have students look at the picture on the board. What can they infer, or guess from looking at the image? Explain that they used prior knowledge and context clues to make an inference.


Read the passage and have students make an inference about the setting. How were they able to come to that conclusion? Continue this practice with more passages. Then read another piece of text and spin the wheel. Depending on where they land, students will make an inference about the setting, or about either of the two characters.


Students respond to 10 questions in which they are asked to check their knowledge of how to draw inferences and then are asked to read passages to then draw inferences.


- Have every student partner off
- Have every student write 3-5 sentences using dialogue and description to demonstrate a character's feelings or the setting (without explicitly stating it - show don't tell!)
- Have students swap and see if they can guess the character's feelings or the setting by making inferences about the text

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