Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year

Learn about and celebrate Lunar New Year with your students!

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Lunar New Year

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Lunar New Year is a holiday commonly celebrated in many Asian and other countries in late winter. In this lesson, students will learn about the holiday including traditions, beliefs, and activities. Students can participate in various engaging activities such as drag and drop interactive whiteboard exercises and can receive printable worksheets including a template for a red envelope that students can decorate, cut, and glue together.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to explore the traditions, beliefs, and practices of the Lunar New Year holiday.


Begin on slide 1 where you can click on any of the topics to learn about it. Within some topics are links that say, “Click here” which will bring you to an activity or a printable worksheet. To return back to the previous slide you were on, click on the “back” link, located on the top, right corner of the slide.


• “What is Lunar New Year?” - Students learn about what Lunar New Year is and watch a short video about what celebrating the holiday may look like.

• “Traditions” - Students learn about cleaning up in preparation for the holiday and the act of giving out special red envelopes to family and friends. In this section, students can participate in a cleaning activity on the interactive whiteboard, where students “throw out” garbage and “scrub” or erase dirt and grime from the room using the eraser tool. They also participate in a red envelope activity on the interactive whiteboard, where they drag and drop money into a red envelope. Additionally, students can make their own red envelopes by decorating, cutting, and gluing the included printable worksheet.

• “Significance of the Color Red” - Students learn about why the color red is important. They can engage in an interactive whiteboard activity where students drag and drop a common, Chinese decoration onto different areas of the room to decorate it in preparation for Lunar New Year.

• “Celebrating” - Students can learn what most countries do in order to celebrate the holiday. Students also learn about some examples of traditional clothing that people wear for the holiday.

• “Lunar New Year Food" - Students learn about the different types of foods that people eat for the holiday. One activity is included where students can stack some tangerines onto a plate in order to prepare a fruit plate for Lunar New Year dinner guests. The activity is interactive and to be used on a whiteboard.


Finally, in “Lion Dancing,” students learn about the practice of lion dancing and watch a short video that explains more about it. Included is a printable worksheet where students can decorate their own lion heads.

Instruction materials

This lesson includes printable worksheets. For the red envelope printable activity, students will need materials to color with (e.g. crayons), scissors, and glue. For the lion head printable activity, students will need materials to color with (e.g. crayons).

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