Locate familiar places on a map
Locate familiar places on a map

Locate familiar places on a map

I can locate familiar places on a map.

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In this lesson, students will look at maps and locate places, such as classrooms or fire stations. They will also be able to transfer this knowledge over to places in their school or community.

Learning objective

Students will be able to locate familiar places, including rooms in the school, on a map.


Students will identify pictures of maps.


Students will brainstorm places in their communities. They will then look at images and name the places they might find in their communities. Students will locate these places on a map provided. They will also complete a maze and locate symbols on a map.


Review maps with 10 multiple-choice questions.


Students will identify two different maps.

Optional activity: The teacher(s) will use maps of the community (or Google Maps) and have students locate familiar places.

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