Living and nonliving things

Living and nonliving things

I can explain the difference between a living and a non-living thing.

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Living and nonliving things

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Students will learn about the difference between a living and a non-living thing as well as each of their needs. They will learn how things can be classified into these two categories.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to describe the needs of living and nonliving things and classify items into these two categories.


Students begin by discussing what they need to live (food, water, shelter, air) and learn that they themselves are living things.


Students learn that living things have four needs: water, food, air, and shelter. Living things can grow, change, reproduce, and breathe. Non-living things do not have these needs and do not grow, breathe, or reproduce. Students see examples of each and drag a checkmark to decide if an item shows all of the necessary qualities to be considered a living thing. Then students drag items into two columns: living and nonliving. Finally, students read passages about bats, diamonds, and cacti and determine if they are living or nonliving.


Students respond to ten questions consisting of true or false and multiple-choice questions. Students choose the picture that shows a living or a nonliving thing.


To conclude, students review what they learned and then they circle the items that are living and then all nonliving things.

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