Link opinion and reasons with words, phrases, and clauses

Link opinion and reasons with words, phrases, and clauses

I can use opinion words and phrases to link my ideas.

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Link opinion and reasons with words, phrases, and clauses

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Students learn words, phrases and clauses to link opinions and reasons.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use opinion words and phrases to link their ideas.


Have students form pairs to discuss the prompt given on the interactive whiteboard. Ask students to share their most compelling arguments with the class as a whole. (Optional- can decide on the strongest argument as a class).


Tell students that in writing opinion essays, writers must use linking words to show readers the relationship between two sentences. Show a list of common examples. Go into a few of the given examples of linking words, and then of linking phrases, giving the definition of the linking word or phrase, and then giving an example of it used in writing. Challenge the class (individually or in pairs/groups) to find the linking words and phrases in the given text. Ask students to come to the front and highlight the words/phrases. Discuss what they add to the paragraph as a class. Then challenge the students to write a paragraph about their opinion on electronic school days vs snow days. Depending on your class, you can set a requirement of a specific number of linking words and phrases. Have students share their writing with their group/partners, can they underline/highlight the linking words/phrases that their classmate used? Then as a class, have students read the opinion piece about school. Have students highlight the opinions in blue, the supporting reasons in green, and circle the linking words and phrases. Then ask students to drag words to the writing pulling words from the word bank. Have students form new pairs and discuss what their favorite season is. Challenge students to use new linking words or phrases that they are not used to using.


Students get a selection of ten questions in which key concepts of the lesson are checked. They must also decide which of given sentences properly connect two ideas, or which words/phrases are linking words/phrases.


Discuss the learning goal with the students and come up with some examples of linking words and phrases. Close the lesson by asking students to circle the linking words/phrases in the given sentences.

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