Link numbers to situations

Link numbers to situations

Link numbers to situations

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Link numbers to situations

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Students learn to link numbers to situations.

Common core standard(s)



Discuss with students why it is important to know which number fits in which situation. Say that different situations have different rules for numbers, and sometimes put them in a specific order. It is useful to know how to recognize these and write them. An example is that a postal code always has 5 digits. If you only write down 4, the letter won't make it to its destination.


The interactive whiteboard shows an image with a number and the students have to say what the number means. Next they need to drag the numbers to the correct boxes.


Explain that the number sometimes gives a clue as to what situation it is made for. Time, for example always has 2 digits before a colon and 2 digits after. Numbers like the date and money amounts have a specific structure. Ask students if they know other numbers that are linked to specific situations.

Check that students are able to link numbers to specific situations by asking the following questions:
How can you see that a number belongs to a specific situation?
What can you recognize about the numbers that show time?

Guided Practice

Students first practice with questions with two possible answers. Next they get a short story and have to choose the number that fits the situation. Finally they have to drag the number to the matching image/situation.


Discuss with students that it is important to be able to link numbers to situations, because numbers have specific formats that give information. Check that students know that specific formats can already tell them which situation the number is linked to, for example a colon or decimal point. To practice this again, ask students to form pairs. In pairs, one student comes up with a situation and the answer, and the other tries to solve the situation and give the correct answer. Take turns.

Teaching Tip

Students who have difficulty linking numbers to a situation, are likely not very comfortable with the meaning of numbers. Give examples of context where the same number could be used. 30 can be used to tell how old someone is, but also for 30 miles, or 30 dollars.

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