Letter Oo

Practice recognizing and writing the letter O!

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Letter Oo

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Introduce the letter O with this series of activities. Students will use their visual and auditory skills to recognize this letter in various engaging activities on your interactive whiteboard. Activities include decorating the letter, practicing handwriting, and playing a memory match game.



Learning Objective

Students will be able to identify and write the letter O and name words that contain the O sound.


The presentation begins with a content page. Here, you can click on the activity you are interested in. First, practice identifying the letter Oo. Pull the curtain to open it and reveal the letter. Next, have students drag the stickers to decorate the uppercase and lowercase O. Then trace the letter by connecting the dots, using the pencil tool. Finally, practice handwriting by watching the video and following the visual steps to write the letter correctly.


After introducing the letter O, students participate in a series of activities. They can practice recognizing the letter by using the spotlight tool to search for all the letter Os on the board. Then show various images containing different words and have students locate the assigned letter.

Following this, use the text-to-speech function to listen to the different words. Do you hear the letter? Drag to the appropriate box. Then listen to hear if the letter is in the beginning or at the end of the given words.

After this, spin the wheel and name a word with the letter you land on. Play the video to listen to a fun song about the letter O. Next, click on the shuffle button to roll the alphabet dice. Tally the number of times you come across the letter O. Complete the word search and play the memory game by clicking on the covers to reveal the letters underneath.

Teaching tips

You can resize the Spotlight tool and customize the alphabet dice activity by adjusting the settings of the letter generator tool.
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