Learning to save water

Learning to save water

I can reduce my water use.

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Learning to save water

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In this lesson, students will learn why it is important to save water and the ways they can incorporate it into their own lives.



Learning objective

Students will be able to reduce their water use.


Review that water is one of the important things on Earth. Have students name ways people can use water. Students will look at examples, such as water plants and flush toilets.


Students will guess how many gallons a family of four in the US uses every day. (400 gallons!) Students will look at the connection between agriculture and water. They will see how much water is needed to water crops, grow animals' food, and give them water to drink. they will also look at water use facts for households. Next, they will watch a video to learn more about water use. Check in with students about anything that may have surprised them in the video. Students will discuss Earth's limited fresh water supply and why people might want to save water. Then, they will watch a video about kids living with the water crisis. Students will reflect on the video with the class. They will discuss what a day without water would be like.

Students will discuss ways to save water, including taking shorter showers and turning off the tap while brushing teeth.


Students will review what they learned by discussing these questions:
- Why is it important to save water?
- Can humans use the water in the ocean?
- Why is having clean, fresh water important?

To close out the lesson, students will go around and name 1 way they will save water today!

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