Learning our community's recycling rules
Learning our community's recycling rules

Learning our community's recycling rules

I know how to recycle in my community.

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Each community has its own rules about what can be recycled, what cannot be recycled, and how to recycle. In this lesson, students will expand on their knowledge of recycling and learn about specific recycling rules/procedures in their communities.



Learning objective

Students will be able to recycle in their communities.


Students will review what they learned in a previous lesson, What can and cannot be recycled. They will also review the recycling "rule of thumb."


Students will learn about curbside recycling in their neighborhoods. They will also learn how to search for information about recycling in their areas. After learning their city's rules for recycling, students will look at a list and decide what can and can't be recycled. They will also discuss how to recycle special items in accordance to their city's guidelines. They will then learn how to recycle plastic objects by reading the numbers in the recycle logo.


Students will recall what they learned about their community's recycling rules. They will then answer a few true/false questions.

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