Learning about sharing

Learning about sharing

I can share.

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Learning about sharing

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Develop students' social skills with this lesson about the importance of sharing. Help students understand that sharing can be fun. Students are shown different scenarios and they practice putting themselves in other peoples’ shoes.

Learning objective

Students will be able to explain the importance and benefits of sharing.


Begin by explaining the importance of sharing and give some examples. Have students think of times they can help others by sharing.


Read some scenarios with students and have them reflect on the situation. How would they feel? What would they do differently? Go over what it might feel like when we choose to not share. Explain that it’s okay if our friends have things that we want and if we have things they want. We can share to show our friends that we care. Remind students that we will get our possessions back after sharing. Students then think of a time when someone shared with them and it made them feel better. Discuss how making others feel better can make us feel good too!

Tell students that they should always ask first and never take other people’s things and explain why. Then they can practice what they can say when asking to borrow someone’s stuff. Then they can practice replying to others in a kind way. Remind students that even if you don’t want to share, you should always be kind and respectful!


Students practice asking someone to share their markers by role-playing. Then they should practice their response to a friend who asks them to share their favorite candy.

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