Learning about mindfulness (3-5)

Learning about mindfulness (3-5)

I can understand mindfulness.

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Learning about mindfulness (3-5)

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In this lesson, students learn various techniques to calm their busy minds and bodies. This includes slowing down, stopping to notice your surroundings, and breathing deeply.

Learning objective

Students will be able to practice mindfulness techniques.


Begin by reviewing “big feelings” and ask if students can name a few examples. Discuss how it’s normal to get distracted or overwhelmed by big feelings. One way to calm your mind and quell these emotions is by using mindfulness. Explain what the word mindfulness means and have students practice slowing down and noticing what is happening in their surroundings.


Share some examples of mindfulness, including taking a slow deep breath and doing one thing at a time. Discuss the difference between mindful bodies and busy bodies. Have students practice by having them dance and jump around when you say “busy bodies” then become still and take a deep breath when you say the words “Mindful bodies.” Reflect on how mindful bodies feel and why they are important. Next, students practice noticing their surroundings.


Read each example and have students decide whether or not it describes being mindful or not being mindful.

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