Learning about feelings

Learning about feelings

I can understand feelings.

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Learning about feelings

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Help your students understand emotions in themselves and in others and promote emotional intelligence with this lesson. Students will practice identifying and labeling emotions, as well as using observational skills and clues to determine what they or others are feeling. This is a great first step in helping your students cope with a variety of emotions.

Learning objective

Students will be able to identify and label emotions within themselves and others.


Begin by discussing feelings or emotions and what they are. Have students share some examples that they can think of then go over the ‘feeling word’ list together. Explain that everyone experiences feelings and that they are a normal part of life.


Explain that you might have many different emotions in a single day. We can determine how we and others are feeling by observing how we look, how we sound, and how we act. Go over some clues and have students act out the different feelings listed on the board. Students will then observe the images on the following slide and share what they think that person is feeling.


Students read through 6 different scenarios and discuss what the person is feeling. How do they know?


Review how students can tell what they or someone else is feeling.

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