Know the value of digits in numbers to 20

Know the value of digits in numbers to 20

Know the value of digits in numbers to 20

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Know the value of digits in numbers to 20

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Students learn what the value of digits in numbers to 20 are. They learn which tens and ones make up a number and can indicate the value of a digit in the number.




Ask five students to come to the front of the class and hand them five cards in numerical order anywhere to 20. Two students show their cards, and the rest of the class must say what the other three number cards should be. Next set a number of erasers on the table in groups of ten to a max of 20. Ask a student to come to the front and say how many erasers there are. Repeat this with some pencil sharpeners.


Show the tens and ones on the interactive whiteboard. Explain that tens are a group of 10 and ones are the numbers from 1 to 9. Show the blocks on the interactive whiteboard and/or show them in your classroom as well. Next, show an example with 13 pencils. Explain that there are 10 pencils in the block and 3 loose pencils. Discuss what the value of the digits in the number is and ask students to complete the chart. Practice as a class and complete more place value charts. See if students are still able to complete the place value chart without visual support. Next, there are a few exercises where students need to indicate what the value of a digit is. Erase the boxes, or drag them away to show the correct answer.

Check that students understand the composition of numbers to 20 by asking the following questions:
- What are tens? How do you know?
- What are ones? How do you know?
- Write the place value of 1 in the number 13. What is the value of the other number?


Students practice with assigning place value to numbers with visual support. Then they practice without the visual support.


Discuss with students that it is important to know how the number to 20 are put together so you can calculate with them later. Check that they know what tens and ones are. To practice this again as a class, discuss the place value of the digits in the given number. Students must stand or sit to indicate what they think the correct answer is.

Teaching Tips

Students who have difficulty determining place value can be supported by writing down the numbers that make up the larger number. That can help support the distinction between tens and ones. They can also be supported by using MAB-blocks or other manipulatives to help visualize the place value.

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