It's, its, you're, and your
It's, its, you're, and your

It's, its, you're, and your

I can use it's, its, you're, and your correctly in my writing.

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In this lesson, students will learn the difference between "it's" and "its," and "you're" and "your." They will identify and use those words in sentences.



Learning objective

Students will be able to use it's, its, you're, and your correctly in their writing.


Students will identify the homophones in two sentences using the pictures as clues. Review that two words can sound the same. Students will solve homophone riddles, such as, "What do you call a rabbit's fur?"


Explain that some homophones are contractions, like "you're" and "it's." Students will see how to check if a sentence uses a contraction correctly.

Homophones can also show possession, like in the words, "your" and "its." Students will read sentences and drag the correct words ("you're" or "your") to the blanks. They will do a similar activity with the words, "it's" and "its."


Students will respond to 10 questions which ask students to identify and use homophones correctly.


Review lesson concepts:
- Which words are contractions?
- Which words show possession?

The lesson wraps up with a fun game practicing using "it's," "its," "you're," and "your."

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